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NEWS! JUURI NFTs are available to own on the Blockchain Art Exchange (https://www.mybae.io/profiles/JUURI%20Art) and OpenSea! Most collections are sold out, with just a few remaining. However new work is added often, so check back regularly! (https://opensea.io/collection/juuri-art)

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S E R V I C E S  \
(Ask about our trade deals for professionals and hotels!)

· Handpainted murals (travel fees apply)
· Vinyl mural design (affordable alternative to handpainted)
· Custom wall art
· Themed Live painting (travel fees apply)
· Artistic consultation

A R T I S T   B I O \

JUURI is a Tokyo-born Japanese+American artist currently working from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her colorful figure-driven work is inspired by traditional Japanese art (especially bijin-ga and yakusha-e) interpreted through a modern fashion photography feel. She often references Japanese history, folklore, or kabuki plays as recurring themes.

JUURI's murals and art can be seen all over the US as well as overseas. Her clients include hospitality (particularly Asian restaurants), urban renewal initiatives, and high caliber international collectors. 

(Japanese version)

1983年東京都町田市生まれ。2006年 Northeastern State University (Oklahoma, USA) グラフィックデザイン学科卒業。アメリカのオクラホマ州を拠点に壁画制作や絵画作品の発表、オリジナルファッション商品のデザインなど国内外で様々な活動を展開。伝統的な日本の人物とモダンなポップモチーフを組み合わせ、混沌とした世界に時代を超えた平和と慰めの感覚を伝えたい。Omni Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Netflix productions, EBIZO TV など数多くのコラボレーションでも活躍。

A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T \

"My murals and paintings are heavily influenced by Japanese bijinga (artworks of beautiful women), yakusha-e (artworks of Kabuki actors), and modern fashion photography. As a 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Caucasian person born in Japan and relocated to the United States at a young age, my entire life has been a combination of East and West. This juxtaposition of such opposing cultures was at times beautiful, and at times (especially when I was younger,) a struggle.​ My art is therefore my authentic way of deconstructing the inside of my mind and finding my way home to a place which is both excitingly new, and full of the comfort of my early childhood and original home."

(Japanese version)


M U R A L    F E S T I V A L S \

· Art This Way (Fort Wayne, IN 2020)
​· Walls For Women (Tullahoma, TN 2020)
· Ladies Who Paint (San Diego CA, 2019)
· Sprocket Mural Works (Harrisburg PA, 2019)
· Wabash Walls (Lafayette IN, 2019)
· ViBe Creative District Mural Festival (Virginia Beach VA, 2019)
· Mural Fest 66 (Miami OK, 2019)
· Artists4Israel (Israel, 2018 and 2019)
· Plaza Walls (Oklahoma City, 2018)
· Beyond Walls (Lynn Massachusetts, 2018)
· Taste of Western (Oklahoma City, 2014)

 C L I E N T S \

· Omni Hotels (Oklahoma City)
· Hilton Hotels (Chicago area)
· Netflix Productions ("Hit & Run" Series)
· 84 Hospitality Group (Oklahoma City)
· GDP Design | Build (Orlando, FL)
· Downtown OKC

S E L E C T E D   P R E S S \

· Forbes Magazine
· Google Arts & Culture
· KFOR (Oklahoma City news story)
· CBS Wane 15 (Fort Wayne, IN live news story)
· Makers & Mystics (Podcast)
· Coffee and Japan (Podcast)
· Jewish Telegraphic Agency
· Jerusalem Post