Art + Murals

"Unbreakable - Masaoka -" 11 x17' · Boulder CO. Painted for Streetwise Arts Festival 2021

"The Actor Horikoshi Kangen as Ushiwakamaru" + "The Dancer Ichikawa Botan IV as Fuji-Musume" 24 x 24" each, Acrylic on wood panel. Ichikawa Family Private Collection, Tokyo Japan

"The Medicine Peddler - Uiro Uri -" 14 x 55' · Oklahoma City OK. Painted with a grant from ULI Oklahoma and Downtown OKC 2020

"The Last Service" 23 x 12' · Oklahoma City OK 2019

"Strong or Weak?" 16x20" · Mixed media on board. SOLD

"Magnolia Jungle" Private residence, Oklahoma City OK 2018

"Bountiful" Virginia Beach, VA. Painted for ViBe Creative District Mural Festival 2018

"Fear Not: I Have Called You By Name" Shtula, Israel. Painted for Artists For Israel 2019

"Ramen Girl" Oklahoma City OK 2018

"Taema Of The Clouds" 7.8 x 26' · Stillwater OK 2021

"Wisteria Maiden - Fuji Musume -" Tullahoma, TN · Painted for Walls for Women 2020

"Lion's Dance" Fort Wayne, IN · Painted for Art This Way 2020

"Life Triumphs Over Death" 40 x30' · Lynn MA. Painted for Beyond Walls 2018

"Fortune Favors the Brave" 40 x 20' · Oklahoma City OK. Painted for Taste of Western 2014

"The Actor Ichikawa Ebizo XI As Sukeroku" 48 x48" Acrylic on wood. NFS

"The Actor Ichikawa Ebizo XI As Ben-Kei" 48 x 48" Acrylic on wood. NFS

"Shion" 6 x 6" Mixed media on paper. SOLD

"Rotten or Redeemed?" Mixed media on board. 24 x x36". SOLD

"5 Thieves" 48 x 48" Acrylic on canvas. $4,000