Boy-faced Girls

Gaaaaahhh! These days I am so crazy about beautiful girls that have that boyish look about them!

Omahyra Mota (Dominican model)

Amber Liu (Chinese-American pop singer in Korean group f(x)

Elly Jackson of La Roux (English singer)

Emma Pei (Chinese supermodel) [She is on the border of "boyish-face"]

I am on a mission to find more and more of these types of gorge faces to add to my inspiration collection. Please tell me if you know of any that I've missed! I AM DYING TO KNOW OF MORE!

I love how good tomboyish fashion looks on these girls. Wahhhh, so stunning and smoldering. Just my style of beautiful x edgy x unusual. x.x

This must be my true style ever since I was 5 years old and determined to have short boy hair (but my mom never let me have it quite as short as I wanted) and delighted to be mistaken for a boy. Here is a pic of me in my little tomboy state.